Missing Planet

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Missing Planet

Original title: الكوكب مفقود

Directed by: Marouan Omara, Tom Rosenberg

Produced by: Mark Lotfy (Figleafstudios, Egypt), Michael Henrichs (Die Gesellschaft DGS, Germany)

Country of production: Egypt, Germany

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: November 2022

Production stage: Developement

Budget: €500,000

Budget in place: 15%

Looking for: Co-production, Funding, Pre-buys, Sales Agents


In a distant world, dotted with the crumbling remnants of a once vast city, an anonymous investigator searches for information about a missing person named Nour. When the investigator is almost ready to abandon his search, he encounters a dream-like apparition of Nour, who describes his disappearance.

Director’s profile:

Marouan is a filmmaker based in Cairo. His films drift in the unmarked territory between fiction and documentary. His last feature, Dreamaway, was selected by The Egyptian Critics Association as The Best Egyptian film of 2019.
Tom Rosenberg is a filmmaker based in Berlin. He makes films about people trying to manage the anxieties arising from trauma and extreme violence. His work has won awards and been screened at international film festivals. Tom is also a licensed private investigator.

Producer’s profile:

Mark Lotfy is an Alexandrian filmmaker, producer and writer. He established, in 2005, the production company ‘Fig Leaf Studios’, and produced award winning, and officially selected films in Egyptian and international festivals It has acted as a sole incubator of young visual artists and directors since 2005, as a result it produced over 200 audio-visual projects since 2005, till date.
(2020) – ‘I m afraid to forget your face’. Short movie directed by sameh Alaa .(Egypt/France) (Palm d or /Cannes festival 2020
(2019) – ‘Unaired interview’, middle length Documentary, Directed by Mohamed salah (Egypt) [Officially Selected at Berlinale Film Festival cinemal
(2018) – ‘Dream Away’, Feature Documentary, Directed by Marwan Omara (Egypt) & Johanna Domke (Sweden) [winner of Hot Docs-Blue Ice Fund / Berlinale Talents Grant ; officially selected in Chicago Karlovy Vary / London Film Festival]