Memories of a burning body

Co-production Day

Memories of a burning body

Original title: Memories of a burning body

Directed by: Antonella Sudasassi (Substance films)

Produced by: Manrique Cortes (Substance films)

Genre: Social affairs

Country of production: Costa Rica, Spain

Runtime: 80 min

Projected budget: 320 750 €

Budget in place: 58%

Expected release: December 2022

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, sales agents

What happens when veins, gray hair, spots take over our bodies, and fertility has long since left the womb? Memories of a burning body is a lyrical portrait that intertwines and freely recreates the lives of Ana (68), Patricia (69) and Mayela (71) who allow us to sneak into their most secret intimacy to explore how they live and enjoy their sexuality when the rest of the world thinks it no longer exists. Does desire still exist? Does pleasure diminish? What changes?

Written by: Antonella Sudasassi (Substance films)


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