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Meeting Point

Original title: Punto de Encuentro

Directed by: Roberto Baeza

Produced by: Paulina Costa (La Toma, Chile)

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: January, 2022

Production stage: Editing

Budget: €248,416 (70 % in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: sales agents, festivals, distributors, gap financing, buyers and strategic guidance.


Two filmmakers use fiction cinema to reconstruct what their fathers lived trough in a torture center 45 years ago. They both involve their families in the staging process with the actors, and behind the cameras the emotional traces that the different generations carry with that familiar story, are revealed, because only one of their fathers survived, the other one is still detained-disappeared.

Director’s profile:

Roberto Baeza (Chile, 1974) has been a professor of cinema for 12 years at the Universidad del Desarrollo, he also founded and directs La Toma Film Academy since 2003. His work includes directing the television series FILMOGRAFÍAS (2010) winning project of the Audiovisual Fund and broadcasted by channel 13C hosted by Blanca Lewin. Roberto also was the editor of the documentary feature DARÍO EN TOMA (2014) by JM Oñate; and has had a long experience as a Director’s Assistant: ISIDORA, LA PELÍCULA (2012) by Nicolás Superby, BARETA (2013) by Roberto Farías, ASEO GENERAL (2009) by Paulina Costa. MEETING POINT is his first documentary feature length as a director.

Producer’s profile:

Paulina Costa (Chile, 1974). She studied Drama in Santiago, Filmmaking at Séptima Ars (Spain); and Film Production at EICTV, Cuba. In 2003, she founded La Toma, an audiovisual school and production company located in Santiago de Chile. Her credits include director of ASEO GENERAL (2008), Best Short Film Award at Viña del Mar Film Festival; producer of PERKIN (2018) by Roberto Farías, selected in the Chilean Film Competition at SANFIC 14; DARIO EN TOMA (2014), a documentary film by JM Oñate; BARETA (2014) by Roberto Farías; QUIERO ENTRAR (2011) by Roberto Farías, Official Selection in FICValdivia and earned the People’s Choice Award at the Antofagasta Film Festival; FILMOGRAPHIES (2010), a TV series directed by Roberto Baeza. Today she is producer of MENARQUIA by Jairo Ramos (Ibermedia Fund, Panama Co-production) and MEETING POINT by Roberto Baeza.