Co-production Day


Original title: Marionettes

Directed by: Arianne Hinz

Produced by: Ibrahim Karatay (Alchemic Film) & Reinier Selen (Rinkel Film)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: The Netherlands

Runtime: 80 min

Projected budget: 1 100 000 €

Budget in place: 1%

Expected release: July 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producers, sales agents, filming locations

Marionettes is a dark and moody film that explores the universal struggle between conforming to belong and staying close to who we really are. 11-year-old LOLA just moved to a new town. Here she joins a group of children, playing marionettes in a theater production. Once the children start identifying with their characters, they gradually turn into the identical puppets they play. When the group ends up murdering an innocent woman, Lola realises that she has given up too much in order to belong.

Written by: Arianne Hinz


Alchemic Film – The Netherlands | Alchemic Film is a Dutch film company, founded in 2017 by Ibrahim Karatay and Paul Oscar Kanter. We believe that our endeavour to understand the discourses of contemporary cinema both in its aesthetics and political economics is part of our effort to understand the challenges of our time and its impact on us as artists, as well as on our cinema. Our films have been selected for amongst others Karlovy Vary, Cannes Cinéfondation, Sarajevo Film Festival and International Film Festival Rotterdam.