Into the Land of Ice and Fire

Goes to Cannes

14:15 2h


Into the Land of Ice and Fire

Category: Thessaloniki Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Dimitra Zirou

Produced by: Nikos Moustakas (Bad Crowd)

Country of production: Greece, Co-production: Norway

Original title: Into the Land of Ice and Fire

Genre: Documentary

Language: Sami, Norwegian

Runtime: 97 min (estimated)

Completed in: 2022

In a small town in the middle of the Norwegian arctic tundra, the 85 year-old Sara and the 7 year-old Mihka, through their everyday life, introduce us the Sami, the only indigenous people of Europe. How Sami’s precious knowledge can positively effect our planet and is it possible for this knowledge to survive from the oldest to the younger?