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23-25 June 2020
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Original title: Inertie

Directed by: Nicolas Gayraud

Produced by: Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff, Guilhem Olive (La Vingt-Cinquième Heure, France)

Country of production: France

Runtime: 77'

Expected release: June 2021

Budget: €169,016

1st feature: 2nd feature

Looking for: Co-producers, funding, pre-buys, sales agent


We are at the tip of the Cotentin Peninsula, at Omonville-la-Rogue. It’s a stone village, built around a small fishing port.  I intend to follow three fishermen : Jacques, 72 years old, Baptiste, 35 years old and Paul, 25 years old, who’s unsure whether he belongs on a boat or in an office.
Three generations and three views on the place small fishermen occupy in a globalized society.

Director’s profile: 

Nicolas Gayraud was born in 1976 in Rodez, in the south of France. He grew up surrounded by farmers and craftsmen.  He taught himself filmmaking, and directed his first short-film in Super 8 in 1997. In 2006, he directs his first documentary film « La sortie d’école » which is nominated for Best creative documentary at the Documfest in Timisoara (Romania) in 2008.
In octobre 2014, his first long film « Le temps de quelques jours » is released. It attracted more than 25 000 people in theaters.
In 2013, he directed the film « ROOTS », an essay about accepting death. In 2014, he makes the film « Michel Dalladaire, la balade des êtres libres » about the famous clown who co-founded Cirque du Soleil.
He came back in 2017 to his parents house in the south of France, to film « PASSAGES ».
He is currently shooting “Inertia” in Normandie (France).