Granpa Miguel

Animation Day

12:00 2h


Granpa Miguel

Original title: Tata Miguel

Directed by: Tomás Montalva

Produced by: Cecilia Baeriswyl (Llolleo Creativo)

Company: Llolleo Creativo

Country: Chile

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 80 min

Language: Spanish

Completed in: 2021

Looking for: Financing, Co-producer, Sales Agents


Grandpa Miguel is a retired fisherman, he finds out that he has seven days to live.
And his forgetful friend cholo makes a list of all the things he still must do, one of those things is looking for his first love: Luciana. A adventure through Chile in search of Luciana, where the crazy stories of Miguel Will be protagonists.

Target audience: Family

Project status: In Financing