Goes to Cannes

SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019
10:00 2h


Palais K, Level 4


Category: New Horizons' Polish Days Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Leszek DAWID

Produced by: Maciej RZĄCZYŃSKI, Krzysztof RZĄCZYŃSKI, Dawid JANICKI, Paweł RYMARZ (East Studio Sp. zo.o.)

Country of production: Poland

Original title: Broad Peak

Genre: Feature film

Language: Polish

Runtime: 1h40

Maciek Berbeka makes the first winter ascent of Broad Peak in 1988. However, it turns out that he had “only” reached the Rocky Summit. Twenty-four years later, Maciek receives a call, after which he decides to join the new expedition to Broad Peak.