God is a Woman

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God is a Woman

Original title: Deus é Mulher

Directed by: Bárbara Cunha

Produced by: Chica Mendonça (Chá Cinematográfico, Brasil)

Country of production: Brazil, Colombia, Estonia

Runtime: 80'

Expected release: March, 2022

Production stage: Financing / Production

Budget: €161,000 (20% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Gap financing, festivals, buyers, strategic guidance.


Alexya Salvador is a trans indigenous-afro-american woman. Married, mother of three (including two trans girls) she lives a normative live. During a violent conservative wave in Brazil, she became the first Latin-America trans Reverend at her church and challenge orthodox religious values. She’s always death threatened. Her future is uncertain. Through her journey, she transforms her community.

Director’s profile:

Barbara Cunha is a Brazilian filmmaker and producer. Partner of 99 Produções. Advocates for gender equity and is part of the board of the group Women of Audiovisual Brazil. She studied direction with Béla Tárr. She directed the short film THEY WON’T STEAL MY VOICE (2018), three documentary TV series and the feature film PRISON FLOWERS (2019). Her projects address feminine issues and seek to understand the place of women in contemporary society. She develops her first feature fiction, CHILD BRIDE, selected for the Torino Film Lab and her next documentary GOD IS A WOMAN part of Documentary Campus and CICLE Women Doc Accelerator.

Producer’s profile:

Chica Mendonça is an executive producer and partner of Chá Cinematográfico, founded in 2000. Her film company Makes independent and author projects, both fiction and documentaries, for TV and cinema. Her work aims to stimulate reflection about Brazil and contemporary times, focused on the artistic expression of her community.
He has worked on more than 30 independent Brazilian productions.
In her last features films she worked with Marcelo Gomes (Cinema Aspirins and Vultures) and Lirio Ferreira (Acqua Movie).
Recently, she started a partnerships with female filmmakers, such as Bárbara Cunha, to promote the female gaze.