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Directed by: Margherita Vicario

Produced by: Valeria Jamonte (tempesta), Manuela Melissano (tempesta), Carlo Cresto-Dina (tempesta), Paolo Del Brocco (Rai Cinema), Katrin Renz (tellfilm)

Original title: Gloria!

Completed in: 2024


Set in a girls’ institute in Venice at the end of the 1700s, Gloria! tells the story of Teresa, a young woman with a visionary talent, who, together with a small group of extraordinary musicians, crosses centuries and challenges the dusty catafalques of the Ancien Régime by inventing rebellious, light and modern music. Pop!

Director’s biography:

Margherita Vicario is an actress and singer-songwriter from Rome. She graduated from the European Academy of Dramatic Art in 2009 and started working as an actress for film and TV: she acted in films for Fausto Brizzi, Antonio Mancini, Woody Allen and on TV for Lamberto Bava, Michele Soavi, Riccardo Donna. She made her directorial debut in 2024 presenting her film Gloria! in Official Competition at the Berlinale.

Producer’s biography;

tempesta, founded by Carlo Cresto-Dina in 2009, produced all of Alice Rohrwacher’s feature, as well as the short films De Djess and Le Pupille. tempesta also produced all the features by Leonardo Di Costanzo and numerous films by young European authors selected and awarded at the most important international festivals. tempesta most recent production Gloria! by singer Margherita Vicario premiered in the International Competition in Berlinale 2024.

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