Cannes XR


Genre: Animation, Drama

Produced by: Lee Harris, Mr Kite Ltd, Albyon

Directed by: Benjamin Cleary, Michael O'Connor

Original title: Glimpse

Lead artist: Benjamin Cleary, Michael O'Connor

Runtime: 23min

Language: English (French Subtitles)

Completed in: 2021


A panda called Herbie is holed up in his illustrator studio after a bad breakup with a talented deer called Rice. Using Herbie’s art we delve back through the memories of their relationship from the heartbreaking end to the beautiful beginning; a dreamlike voyage through his mind, his heart and his illustrations.

Director’s statement:

Over the course of the piece we want someone to experience the full force of falling in love, dancing with another soul for a while and then losing that love as it all becomes a cosmos of memories.
Bringing Glimpse to life has been one of the most challenging and fulfilling projects we have ever undertaken. We set out to help define the grammar of immersive storytelling and contribute to the emerging canon.

Origin: UK, France, Ireland

Devices: HTC Vive series/Oculus Rift series/Quest w/link

Platform: Alexandria