Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Animation, Epic, Fantasy, Open world

Format: Video 360°

Produced by: Super8

Language: Russian, English, French

Team: Boris Piotrovsky (Creative Producer), Sergei Zakharov (Producer), Egor Tsikhanovich (Director)

Runtime: 8 minutes

Projected production date: September 2020

Budget in place: $350,000

Projected budget: $1,000,000

Country: RU

In this VR-experience the viewer finds himself inside a high-tech drone with artificial intelligence – RD-33. This drone is designed for complex analysis of diverse data (ecology, urbanism, efficiency of technologies and social processes, etc.) and transfer them to the scientific laboratory for further work. The storyline of the film is based on the first RD-33 mission, which aims to monitor several cities on the planet, from very polluted and low-developed megalopolises to the cities with high level of environment protection and technologies integration. During the flight, the drone shares its observations with the viewer. It’s MISSION is to inspire people to transform themselves, the future of the Planet Earth by identifying the critical problems, providing ways of solving them and creating empathy for people who lives in hostile environment with willingness to change the World.


Play area: Standing, Seated

Number of players: Cinema 360, Single User

Built with: Cinema4d, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go

Compatibility: Oculus Quest, Oculus Go

Distribution: Vr Cinemas, Festivals, Museums, Art Exhibition, Film Festivals, Schools, Exhibits, Performance Venues, Natural Science Museums