Eternal Adolescent

Co-production Day

Eternal Adolescent

Original title: Eternal Adolescent

Directed by: Eduardo Esquivel (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES)

Produced by: Omar Robles (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES) & Julia Cherrier (CALOUMA FILMS)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: México

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 650 571 €

Budget in place: 64%

Expected release: June 2023

Looking for: Sales Agents, Co-producers (We will shoot some scenes of the film outside of Mexico)

Gema’s suicide attempt brings her three children together after many years on the eve of an unusually cold Christmas. Cristina, stubborn and deeply Catholic, assumes responsibility for the mother; Sony, who fled as far as she could more than twenty years ago; Brunito, younger by many years, a forty-something gay man who still dreams of finding the love of his life. A cold front rages and locks them indoors, threatening to bring back the family’s most painful memory and put it right on the table.

Written by: Eduardo Esquivel (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES), Omar Robles (MUCHACHXS SALVAJES), Sofía Gómez Córdova (BRUJAZUL)


MUCHACHXS SALVAJES – México | Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, MUCHACHXS SALVAJES is a company founded by Mexican filmmakers Omar Robles and Eduardo Esquivel. Their short films have been presented at film festivals such as Berlinale, La Semaine de la Critique, Huesca, Cartagena, Sheffield, Morelia and others. Their first feature film “The night flowers” premiered at IDFA 2020 and won the Audience Award at Morelia FICM and the Best Documentary Award in Guanajuato GIFF. Eternal Adolescent is their first fiction feature film.