Dreaming of Lions

Goes to Cannes

Dreaming of Lions

Category: Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Paolo Marinou-Blanco

Produced by: Justin Amorim, Paolo Marinou-Blanco, Eduardo Rezende, Luis Ortas Pau | Promenade, Darya Films, Capuri, Cinètica Produccions

Country of production: Portugal, Brazil, Spain

Original title: Sonhar com Leões

Genre: Tragicomedy

Language: Portuguese, Spanish

Runtime: 90'

Completed in: 2024

Dreaming of Lions is an absurdist tragicomedy about euthanasia and assisted suicide. Gilda and Amadeu meet at an underground organisation that helps the terminally ill kill themselves painlessly. When they discover it’s a scam, they escape to Mallorca to die, falling in love along the way.