Don’t Cry, Dancing Girls

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Don’t Cry, Dancing Girls

Category: Asian IP Showcase

Genre: Drama, Musical Theater

Country: Taiwan

Original title: 勸世三姊妹

Language: Mandarin/Taiwanese Hokkien

Completed in: 2023


A gambler destroys his family with debt. On his death, his embittered daughter returns from the city determined to claim his estate. Meanwhile, her dying uncle promises a fortune to a relative who will lead a Taoist funeral ritual to guide his spirit through the afterworld. In the process of learning it, she discovers her father’s humanity, that hatred is fused with love, She leads her own father’s soul to heaven, and releases her heart in the process.

Company’s biography: The VMTheatre Company

Established in 2007, VMTheatre Company blends New York’s musical concepts with Taiwanese culture. They focus on realistic themes from a humanistic viewpoint, nurturing young artists and enriching Taiwan’s musical culture. Their productions offer genuine human experiences, engaging audiences in co-created emotional journeys. Recognized as a top performing arts group, VMTheatre Company fosters artistic evolution and exchange through collaborative crossovers while maintaining its distinct Taiwanese identity.

Technical Team’s biography: Hui-Cheng Tseng (Director) ZHAN Jie (Playwright), Robert KANG (Composer, Arranger, Pianist)

Hui-Cheng Tseng, known as “Chris,” serves as the Artistic Director of VMTheatre Company. With a master’s degree in musical theater from NYU, he’s a leading figure in Taiwan’s theater scene. Chris intricately blends local and New York musical concepts, crafting original tales deeply rooted in Taiwan’s heritage. Through his diverse directing styles, he offers audiences transformative journeys that reflect Taiwan’s outward perspective, starting and ending at home.

Type of IP: Performing Arts
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