Cannes Docs

SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019
10:00 1h30


Doc Corner Screening Room


Category: South African Showcase

Directed by: Richard POPLACK, Diana NEILLE

Produced by: Neil BRANDT (StoryScope), Bob MOORE (Chronicle & EyeSteelFilm)

Country of production: South Africa, Iraq, Ivory Coast, UK, USA, Chile

Original title: Influence

Completed in: November 2019

Main contact: Neil BRANDT -

Influence examines the politiciastion of modern communication over the last 40 years – the journey from advertising to “psyops”. The film investigates how the very institutions on which our governance systems are premised are shaped and co-opted in the shadows, quietly entrenching one of the most sophisticated business ventures in recent history: the commodification of democracy.