Cannes Docs

MONDAY 20 MAY 2019
11:30 1h30


Doc Corner Screening Room


Category: Chilean Showcase

Directed by: Sergio CASTRO SAN MARTIN

Produced by: Gabriela SANDOVAL (Storyboard Media), Carlos NUÑEZ (Les Films Figures Libres)

Country of production: Chile, France

Original title: El negro

Completed in: September 2019

Main contact: Gabriela SANDOVAL - gs@storyboardmedia.cl

Responsible for the deaths of a former colonel of Carabineros and Senator Jaime Guzmán, Palma was serving his life sentence, when in 1996 he escaped from the maximum security priosn in the country, becoming the most wanted fugitive in Chile for more than 20 years. Until in February 2018 Interpol agents arrested him in Paris.