Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Co-production Day

Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Original title: Do Fish Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Directed by: Nele Wohlatz

Produced by: Violeta Bava (Ruda Cine) & Rosa Martínez Rivero (Ruda Cine) & Emilie Lesclaux (CinemaScópio)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Country of production: Argentina, Brasil

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 977 912,10 €

Budget in place: 60%

Expected release: April 2022

Looking for: Financing, coproducers, sales agents

The dramaturgy of labor migration resists the heroic journey: When Lixue or Bo are needed elsewhere, they just leave. Lixue disappears from the film, but Ah, the tourist, stumbles over her tracks. The three are connected by their feeling of not belonging anywhere in the world. But what does belonging mean anyway? To whom, to what does one belong?

Written by: Nele Wohlatz


Ruda Cine – Argentina | Ruda Cine is a film producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dedicated to producing films, with a special interest in auteur cinema.