Delete History

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Delete History

Category: Cannes Remakes Selection

Directed by: Benoît Delépine & Gustave Kervern

Produced by: Les films du Worso, No Money Productions

Original title: Effacer l’historique

Completed in: 2019


In a provincial suburb, three neighbors grapple with modern tech and social media: Marie faces son’s disrespect due to a sex tape; Bertrand’s daughter endures online bullying; Christine’s driver ratings won’t improve. With a hacker’s aid, they battle Big Tech. Success uncertain, but hope remains.

Director’s biography:

Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine form an iconic duo of contemporary French filmmakers. Their collaboration began on television and solidified with committed and offbeat feature films, sometimes absurd, such as Aaltra (2004) and Louise-Michel (2008), blending dark humor and social critique. Among others, they directed Mammuth (2010), Le Grand Soir (2012), Saint-Amour (2016), and En même temps (2022). Kervern and Delépine founded their production company No Money Production in 2005.

Producer’s biography;

Les films du Worso, founded in 2003 by Sylvie Pialat, has produced 50 films with international directors, garnering 14 Cannes selections, 28 César nominations, and an Oscar nomination with Timbuktu. No Money Production, founded by Benoit Delépine and Gustave Kervern, co-produced Delete History with Worso Films, among other projects.

IP Holders : Les Films du Worso