Available from 6 to 20 June and 6 to 17 July in Museum of Other Realities


Original title: Deep

Format: 6 DoF

Directed by: Owen Harris

Produced by: Sarah Ticho

Team: Niki Smit - Gameplay & Art Direction ; Michael Townsend - Coding & additional gameplay ; Cale Bradbury - Shader Coding ; Andy Mooney - Music & Sound.


Slip into DEEP. A meditative underwater space that reacts to your breath.
As you inhale you will rise up from the ocean floor. The world around it will open and glow and you can drift forward to explore this soothing realm. Exhale and you will drift back down.
Explore caves, ravines and open ocean. All through a slow and mindful breath.
Filled with music, color and movement designed to help you bring yourself to a restful state of calm.
Allow DEEP to give you a break from your day.