Corpus Misty


Available from 6 to 20 June and 6 to 17 July in Museum of Other Realities

Corpus Misty

Original title: Corpus Misty

Format: 6 DoF

Directed by: Aubrey Heichemer

Produced by: Artizen

Team: Executive Producer : Kelli Townley / Storyteller : Gayatri Parameswaran; Mia von Kolpakow/ Art Director : Juju Parchimowicz “itsbadjuju”


Corpus Misty is an immersive documentary that takes place in a lurid abstract bodily world. Once inside you hear tales of crossing a rift and transitioning the mind, body, and spirit to one’s personal truth, from people that have made it to the other side. Stories ranging in topics about mental health, faith, suicide, body, race and gender. Our hope with this project is to promote knowledge and dignity over secrecy by designing a space for collective storytelling, as well as creating a posthumous archive for radically soft stories.