Animation Day


Presented by: ACE Animation Special

Original title: Comrades

Directed by: Olivier Patté

Produced by: Maria Blicharska

Company: Blick Productions

Country: France

Country of production: France

Runtime: 95 min

Completed in: /

Looking for: Co-producer


Arrested with his mother at the beginning of the Second World War and deported to the gulag in Siberia, 11-year-old Jakub has only one wish : to return home to Poland. A seven-year journey begins that takes him from the vastness of the Siberian Taiga to the desert confines of Soviet Uzbekistan via the great steppes. Accompanied by the rebellious Sasha, driven by his passion for the stars and an overflowing imagination, Jakub writes his story before our eyes.

Target audience: Children of more than 12 years and adults

Project status: Development