SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019


Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: AR/MR Focused Showcase

Presented by: Dpt.

Produced by: Nicolas S. ROY (DPT.) - France

Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime, Drama

Language: English, French

Format: At Home, Augmented or mixed reality, Real time rendered

Original title: Sherlock Holmes AR

Lead artist: Nicolas S. ROY

Runtime: approx. 10 minutes per story/episode

Projected budget: $ 200,000

Budget in place: $ 134,600

Projected production date: Fall 2019

Pitched by: Nicolas S. ROY -

Sherlock AR is a new format for rich augmented reality content, halfway between audiobook and game. The concept is based on the stories of the famous detective and takes the shape of an experience mixing traditional storytelling with a touch of puzzle games such as Monument Valley and classic quest games like King’s Quest. The experience invites players to follow a thrilling narrative while solving mysteries. Players analyze a series of crime scenes from different angles to discover clues, thus advancing the story. It tests the sense of observation and the analytical mind, deploying scenes in the player’s real environment, standing out with a very strong art direction inspired by the Victorian era. The project offers a whole new way to discover a story while taking part in it. Our approach is an innovative way to combine a strong narrative experience with simple but engaging gameplay.