Cannes XR

SUNDAY 19 MAY 2019


Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: AR/MR Focused Showcase

Presented by: little GIANT Wolf

Genre: Action/Adventure, Art/Culture, Children's, Other, Social issues

Language: English

Format: 6 DoF, Augmented or mixed reality, For LBE, Free-Roam, Installation, Real time rendered

Original title: Paper doll origami

Lead artist: Skye VON

Runtime: 0h20

Projected budget: $ 335,000

Budget in place: $ 160,000

Pitched by: Skye VON -

The mobile transmedia installation Paper Doll Origami explores the relationship dynamics of inferior, superior, equal through the story of a puppet master and their doll and four interactive stations including a room-scale 2-user 3-act VR play to help us recognize when we enter into those dynamics in our own lives.

In the VR play, both users are allowed to experience each role through an interactive story of an Origami artist and a paper doll, and the journey they go on first as opposites then as equals when the puppet master transforms into a paper doll, only to be separated again in the 3rd act.

We are utilizing live-volumetric scanning technology and pass-through AR to heighten the level of immersion for the users when they are the puppet master.