FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019


Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: 360 Focused Showcase

Presented by: P'tites Madeleines Productions

Produced by: Julie PÉRION, P'TITES MADELEINES PRODUCTIONS, The Netherlands

Genre: Crime, Drama

Language: English

Format: Video 360°

Original title: My only way out

Lead artist: Wiebe VAN DEN ENDE, Julie PÉRION

Runtime: 10 X 20 minutes

Projected budget: $ 9,000,000

Budget in place: $ 60,000

Pitched by: Julie PÉRION -

In the not so distant future, a post-oil world, where racism and homophobia are redundant due to the growing gap between the haves and have-nots, five friends, lead by Lev, are planning to rob Alina, the crime-boss who just gave them a deadly ultimatum. The story evolves into an exciting crime drama about Lev’s insecure best friend, Nebi, the sidekick who ends up plotting his revenge on Alina all on his own.

The VR series consists of 5 chapters of 2 episodes, told in a thrilling non-chronological order. Every chapter a murdered protagonist revisits her/his key moments in life from a wider perspective. The viewer experiences the story as the ghost creating a hybrid of 1st and 3rd person view.

The viewers discover that the choices these characters made in fear lead to the demise of all they loved. Inclunding the story of the crime boss tauting our principles of right and wrong, when we are challenged to look beyond our small realities and into the grander stories at play.