Cannes XR

FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019


Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: 360 Focused Showcase

Presented by: NowHere

Produced by: Felix GAEDTKE (NowHere Media) - Germany

Genre: Documentary, Social issues

Language: Kusunda

Format: 6 DoF

Original title: Kusunda

Lead artist: Gayatri PARAMESWARAN, Felix GAEDTKE

Main cast: Gyani MAIYA SEN

Projected budget: $ 190,000

Budget in place: $ 10,000

Projected production date: January 2020

Pitched by: Gayatri PARAMESWARAN - gayatri@nowheremedia.net

In the documentary VR experience KUSUNDA, you explore the memoirs of Gyani Maiya Sen, the last speaker of an indigenous language and an activist who strives to keep her mother tongue alive. Using your voice to speak in Kusunda, you trigger interactive journeys into Gyani Maiya’s past and learn about a unique language and culture. Gyani Maiya will be filmed using volumetric capture and her memories will be represented by dreamy animations, which are at times blurry and at times vivid. A language falls silent every 15 days. KUSUNDA is a case study for how these languages and traditions may find a safe vault for future generations.