FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019


Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: 360 Focused Showcase

Presented by: Hominid Animation

Produced by: Brian ANDREWS (De Paul University) - USA

Genre: Action/Adventure, Art/Culture, Children's, Drama, Environmental, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Other, Science-fiction, Social issues, Thriller

Language: Fictional language suitable for all

Format: 3 DoF, At Home, For LBE, Installation, Video 360°

Original title: Hominidae

Lead artist: Brian ANDREWS

Main cast: Voice : Phyllis E. GRIFFIN, Luis MROA, Emily WEEMS, Kidjie BOYER, Austin DALY, Oliver STERLING-ANGUS

Runtime: 0h07

Projected budget: $ 45,000

Budget in place: $ 30,400

Projected production date: Summer 2019

Pitched by: Brian ANDREWS - brian.andrews@depaul.edu

Hominidae depicts an ecosystem of x-ray visibility. Creatures have evolved in surprising ways, where humans, birds, spiders and frogs share unique anatomies. This experience follows an Arachnid Hominid, an intelligent creature with human and spider psysiology, as she struggles to raise her young in a hostil eenvironment. The story is told in five vignettes, from the birth of the children to the death of the mother in the teeth of her prey. Hominidae is a CG animated virtual reality film based on the critically acclaimed animated short film Hominid. After premiering in the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH Asia in 2012, Hominid went viral in online distribution and was screened in dozens of film festivals. This VR project is currently in production funded by a Project Bluelight grant with a completion date of 7/15/19. Currently seeking funding for marketing and distribution.