Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: LBE Focused Showcase

Presented by: MAKROPOL

Produced by: Mikkel SKOV & Mads DAMSBO (Makropol) - Denmark

Genre: Drama, Historical, Thriller

Language: English, Danish

Format: 6 DoF, For LBE, Installation, Real time rendered

Original title: End of night

Lead artist: David ADLER, Bastian LEONHADT STRUBE, Gustav PONTOPPIDAN

Main cast: Henning JENSEN

Runtime: 0h30

Projected budget: $ 526,540

Budget in place: $ 67,700

Projected production date: October 2019

Pitched by: Mads DAMBSO - mads@makropol.dk

You’re placed on the passenger seat in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. An old man, Joseph, is in front of you rowing. He tells you about the night he escaped the German soldiers, and how he fought to bring his loved ones with him. As his story unfolds the sea dissolves, streets and people emerge and you sail silently through his memories. But as the dawn begins to rise, the question is; who will make it to the END OF THE NIGHT?

End of Night is a cinematic VR experience of the tormenting memories of a Jew’s escape from Denmark to Sweden during WWII. The audience will experience on first hand the trauma of fleeing and the guilt of surviving – when loved ones are left behind. End of Night is an artistic mix of advanced technologies such as photogrammetry and volumetric video blended together into a collage-like 3D universe. The elements are realistic in their expression, but at the same time fragmented as scraps of a painful recollection.