FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019


Palais -1, Aisle 14


Category: 360 Focused Showcase

Presented by: DA PROD

Produced by: Jeremy SAHEL (DA PROD) - France

Genre: Art/Culture, Environmental, Experimental, Fantasy, Other, Science-fiction

Language: English, French

Format: 3 DoF, 6 DoF, At Home, For LBE, Installation, Real time rendered, Video 360°

Original title: Beta aquarii

Runtime: 10-20 minutes

Projected budget: $ 200,000

Budget in place: $ 20,000

Projected production date: 2020

Pitched by: Jeremy SAHEL -

Beta Aquarii brings you into an extraordinary journey from interstellar space to the deepest sea abysses, where you will witness the cycle of life through mutating marine fauna as well as the creation of an evolving substance, first organic, then artificial: the intellect it is a virtual reality project of a new kind, between graphic arts and science, where the interactivity is brought by an innovative IA-based creative process. The viewer’s profile and actions will influence the biological creation process. Written and directed by VXF Pioneer and expert François Vautier, the challenging fabrication of the film will compell the quasi exclusive use of procedural systems in order to produce highly creative dynamic visuals.