Bastard. The legacy of a criminal.

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Bastard. The legacy of a criminal.

Original title: Bastardo. La herencia de un genocida.

Directed by: Pepe Rovano

Produced by: Clara Taricco (Totoral Media Lab SPA, Chile)

Country of production: Chile, Italia

Runtime: 80' - 52'

Expected release: March, 2022

Production stage: Production and post-production

Budget: €280,000 (57% inplace)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Premiere in festivals class A/ sales agents / distributors, buyers, co-producers, gap financing, strategic guidance.


The once estranged son of Chilean police chief accused of murder during the Pinochet dictatorship sets out on a 13 year quest to understand and repair a dark and broken past. In the course of his journey he meets the children of his father’s victims as well as other people whose fathers have killed on behalf of the military regime.

Director’s profile:

Pepe Rovano’s work explores personal stories linked to themes of human rights and environmental justice. His work moves fluidly between documentary film, installation and performance art, employing archival footage, original recordings and images to create immersive and interactive narratives to reflect upon, reconstruct and generate dissident memory/ acts of subversive memory. He directs the artistic residency Totoral Media Lab in Wenamapu, Limache. In 2019 he presented MEMORIAL ROCAS in an “ Idoc – in augmented reality” version at several prominent film festivals and galleries throughout Europe and Chile. He recently received funding from Chile’s National Council of Arts and Culture (Fondo Audiovisual) for the development of his documentary project, BASTARD: THE LEGACY OF A CRIMINAL.

Producer’s profile:

Clara Taricco: She has produced two films by renowned documentary director, Maite Alberdi: TEA TIME (2015) and THE GROWN-UPS (2016), both premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Additionally, Taricco produced the short film I’M NOT FROM HERE (2017) of Alberdi`s and the featured film ONCE THE NIGHT (2018) directed by Antonia Rossi, which premiered at the FIDMarseille Festival.