Co-production Day


Original title: Angeles

Directed by: Paula Markovitch (Altamira Films)

Produced by: Altamira FIlms, Gualicho Cine, Isla Bonita Films, Avanti Pictures

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Argentina, Mexico

Runtime: 80 min

Projected budget: 410 000 €

Budget in place: 68%

Expected release: 2023

Looking for: Financing, sales agents

Angeles (11) peddles candy on the street. David (50)works in a parking lot. David admits he’s going to suicide throwing himself from a building under construction. Angeles doesn’t try to talk him out of it; quite contrary, she decides to help his friend. They spend a few curiously-happy days. A few days later, Angeles goes to the building. Drunk, David is sleeping at the edge of the abyss. Angeles decides to push David over the edge. About to fall David pukes. This random event saves his life.

Written by: Paula Markovitch (Altamira Films)


Isla Bonita Films – Argentina | ISLA BONITA FILMS is a film production company from Córdoba, Argentina. Its main goal is to produce films with new conceptual and artistic approaches, fostering auteur films with strong potential. ISLA BONITA FILMS is composed of the producers Magalí Mérida & Martín Paolorossi.