A Tree is a Tree

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A Tree is a Tree

Original title: Un arbre és un arbre

Directed by: Carlos MARQUES-MARCET, Aleix PLADEMUNT

Produced by: Rafa MOLÉS (SUICAfilms, Spain)

Country of production: Spain

Runtime: 72'

Expected release: June, 2024

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: €173.700 (87,9% in place)

1st feature: No

Looking for: Festivals, Sales Agents And Distributors, Gap Financing, Buyers


Human are a plague. We are the specie with the strongest colonizing longing of our planet. ‘A tree is a tree’ is a journey between the most unspoiled piece of land on the planet and the oldest tree in the world. In the film the images talk to who watches. The spectator is the object. The pictures the subject. A no human voice tell us that what we see is so partial that it barely close to reality.

Director’s profile:

Carlos Marques-Marcet is a director, writer and editor from Barcelona. Degree in Audiovisual Communication (Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, 2006) and at UCLA’s School of Film and TV in Los Angeles.
_ ‘10,000 km’ (2014). Fiction film. Best director and best film at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Goya for best new director.
_ ‘Terra firme’ (2017). Fiction film. Awarded at SXSW and at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.
_ ‘Los días que vendrán’ (2019). Fiction film. Biznaga de Oro for best film and silver for best direction at the Malaga Film Festival.
_ ’La mort de Guillem’ (2020). Fiction film. Malaga International Film Festival. Gaudí Award and Berlanga Award for the best film.
In recent years, Carlos Marqués-Marcet has directed several fiction series: ‘En el corredor de la muerte’ (Movistar+, 2019). ’En casa’ (HBO, 2020) and ’Escenario 0’ (HBO, 2020).

Co-Director’s profile:

Aleix Plademunt studied Technical Engineering and in 2003 he graduated in photography at the UPC, Barcelona. During the following years, he has worked on countless personal photographic projects. Since 2003 he has participated in more than sixty exhibitions. Stand out ‘Matter’ at the MACBA Museum (Barcelona, 2021), the exhibition ‘Almost There’ at IMA Gallery (Tokyo, 2015) and Le Bal’s (Paris, 2013) and ‘Espectadores’ in Waltman Ortega Gallery (Miami, 2013). He has received several awards and invitations to artist residencies. As well as the Botín Foundation Plastic Arts Scholarship (2015), PhotoEspaña Revelation Award (2015) and Tokyo Wonder Site/El Ranchito Residency in Mexico City (2015). He has published 6 books: ‘Movimientos de Suelo’ (2011), ‘Almost There’ (2013), ‘森下 Morishita’ (2017), ‘Un Passaggio’ (2017), ‘Iberia’ (2019) e ‘Intempèries – Hinterlands’ (2021).

Producer’s profile:

Rafa Molés is director and producer. Co-founder, along with Pepe Andreu, of SUICAfilms in 2013. His works have been awarded or selected in competitions such as Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, San Sebastian Film Festival, Warsaw, TIFF Toronto or Tokyo FF, among others.
Outstanding filmography:
_ ‘El agua’ (2022) by Elena López Riera.Premiere at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs.
_’La mort de Guillem’ (2020) by Carlos Marques- Marcet. Premiere at the Malaga International Film Festival.
_’Lobster Soup’ (2020). Documentary directed by Pepe Andreu and Rafa Molés. Premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival.
_’Wonderful losers. A different world’ (2017) Documentary by Arünas Matelis. Award for best documentary in Warsaw and Minsk.
_ ‘Five days to dance’ (2014). Documentary by Pepe Andreu and Rafa Molés. Premiered at DocBarcelona and selected at the San Sebastian Festival, among others.