A Film By Fernando Ruiz Vergara

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A Film By Fernando Ruiz Vergara

Original title: Um Filme de Fernando Ruiz Vergara

Directed by: Concha BARQUERO, Alejandro ALVARADO

Produced by: Sara SÀNCHEZ, José M. RODRÍGUEZ (Azhar Media, Spain), Alejandro ALVARADO (Alvarquero, Spain)

Country of production: Spain

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: February, 2024

Production stage: Closing first cut

Budget: €182.440 (90% in place)

1st feature: No

Looking for: Co-Producers, Gap Financing, Distributors, Buyers, Sales Agents, Festivals


After his death, Ruiz Vergara left dozens of sketches for films he was unable to make. The filmmaker only directed one film, Rocío, heartbreaking and fascinating, cursed after its judicial censorship in the early years of Spanish democracy. Since then, his projects remained in the imagination. In Um filme de Fernando Ruiz Vergara we take up again the films dreamed by Fernando to film them, from the present.

Director’s profile:

Concha Barquero and Alejandro Alvarado (Málaga, 1975) filmmakers, lecturers, researchers and programmers. They have formed a creative tandem since 2001 under the name Alvarquero. They have directed, scripted and edited a dozen films, mainly creative documentaries and experimental pieces. Among these works, their short film Descartes (2021) and the feature film Pepe el andaluz (2012) stand out. Their works have been selected in audiovisual competitions around the world, such as the Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina), European Media Art Festival of Osnabrück (Germany) or DocLisboa (Portugal) and have won numerous awards, such as the Best Spanish Documentary Award at Documenta Madrid, the Grand Prize for Spanish Cinema at Zinebi or the XXIX Andalusia Journalism Award in the audiovisual category.

Producer’s profile:

After working in the production of films, documentaries and spots for more than 10 years, producers Sara Sánchez and José M. Rodríguez founded Azhar Media in 2010, an independent production company focused on the international market, with experience in a wide range of formats (commercials, video clips, corporate,…), and with a strong focus on the international market. In addition to producing several documentaries for television (El mapa de Carlos, Amor Brujo:regreso a casa…) the exploration of new audiovisual narratives has led them to non-fiction and experimental films: La vida perfecta (in postproduction, co-production with Argentina), Um filme de Fernando Ruiz Vergara and El mar nos mira de lejos (premiere at Berlinale 2017, selected in more than 20 international film festivals).