Cannes Remakes

Cannes Remakes

Facilitating the adaptation of top IPs into fresh new film remakes!

Cannes Remakes is our newest initiative aimed to foster the international circulation of European IPs for new film adaptations!

In partnership with the CNC — French National Centre of Cinema & Moving Image, Cannes Remakes represents the newest effort from the Marché du Film, designed to enhance the thriving IP market in Cannes.

Given the profitability of remakes in today’s market, Cannes Remakes presents a multitude of opportunities for those in search of fresh IPs to adapt for the big screen or global streaming services.

This half-day event will present an exclusive selection of the finest European IPs (sourced from France, Spain and Italy), ready to be remade into new film adaptations. The event also includes a series of pre-arranged one-to-one meetings and a networking cocktail event, offering a dynamic opportunity for IP holders to connect with producers and buyers.

📆 Cannes Remakes will be held on Monday, 20 May 2024 on the CNC Beach.

*Access to the video library is only available for Marché du Film Accredited Participants.


CNC (the French National Center of Cinema and Moving Images)

The CNC (the French National Center of Cinema and Moving Images), created by the act of 25 October 1946, is a public administrative organization with a legal entity status and financial autonomy. It operates under the authority of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The CNC’s principal responsibilities are: regulation, support for the economy of the film, television, video, multimedia and technical industries, the promotion of films and television productions and their broadcasting to all audiences, the preservation and enhancement of cinema heritage.


Institute of Cinematography & Audiovisual Arts (ICAA)

The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) — Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales — is an independent body under the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain, which programmes policies to support the film industry and audiovisual production. The Institute (ICAA) is responsible for overseeing films and the audiovisual sector in Spain, including their management, operations, awards, legislation, agreements, grants and subsidies, etc.

Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual-Italian Ministry of Culture (DGCA-MiC) and Cinecittà

DGCA-MiC supports the creation, production, distribution, and circulation of audiovisual works, as well as the modernization of cinemas and technical industries. It manages the Italian film fund and bilateral funds for co-production; and it hosts the Film Commissions’ coordination office. Cinecittà’s main activities include managing Studios, Archivio Luce, and labs, as well as promoting Italian Classical and Contemporary Cinema and facilitating the worldwide distribution of Italian works.

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