🌟 The Marché du Film, in Partnership With the CNC, Launches New Cannes Remakes Program

The new initiative aims to foster the international circulation of European IPs for new film adaptations.

The Marché du Film, in partnership with the CNC – French National Center of Cinema and Moving Images, is excited to announce the launch of Cannes Remakes, set to debut at the upcoming film market edition from 14 to 22 May.

Together with the CNC, and with the support and collaboration of the Institute of Cinematography & Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) and the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual-Italian Ministry of Culture (DGCA-MiC) and Cinecittà, Cannes Remakes will spotlight a handpicked selection of the finest European intellectual property (IP) titles, ready to be remade into new film adaptations.

The program is designed to tap into the thriving IP market, which has seen tremendous growth, largely driven by the increased investment from global streaming services. Film remakes, in particular, have established themselves as a lucrative venture in the marketplace as they offer lower risk and proven marketability.

Cannes Remakes aims to foster this rising trend in remakes by showcasing pre-existing IPs, which have already proven successful in their initial territories, and by facilitating connections between international buyers and producers.

Remakes are injecting a fresh dynamism into the film industry, hinting at a notable shift. We are excited to support this evolution through Cannes Remakes,” states Guillaume Esmiol, Executive Director of the Marché du Film. “It’s not just about English-language remakes; there’s a rising trend of adaptations across various languages. Audiences are drawn to narratives that resonate with their distinct cultural nuances, paving the way for diverse, global storytelling. We aim to expand the IP market in Cannes and create a platform where IP holders can engage with producers and IP buyers, unlocking potential business opportunities.

Jérémie Kessler, Director of European & International Affairs at the CNC, adds, “The international trend towards IP, which is particularly evident with American studios and buyers from Asia, now appears to be a structuring factor. It is thus important for the CNC to launch this programme with the Marché du Film. This programme fits in with our massive support for exports but also our strategic priority of defending strategic cultural assets and promoting European IP. For it is these IPs that create value for producers, international sellers and companies, and make it possible to support truly free and independent European creation.

Cannes Remakes is part of the Marché du Film’s new initiatives, supported by Creative Europe MEDIA. The inaugural program will include a pitching session, presenting a curated selection of IP titles sourced from France, Spain and Italy with the most potential for film adaptation. This will be followed by a prearranged series of one-to-one meetings and culminate with a networking cocktail event for invited guests.

The half-day event will take place during the Marché du Film on Monday, 20 May on the CNC Beach.

Cannes Remakes is organized with the support of