Get inspiration from industry trends

Get inspiration from industry trends

What does the future of film look like?

It starts at the Marché du Film where each year, professionals from all over the world gather to share and discover the latest trends in film production and distribution. From XR to AI and beyond, as the film industry continues to move ahead at the speed of lights, camera, action, make sure you don’t miss a beat.

It offers a unique opportunity to go and see what is happening in the immersive area of cinema. We have storytellers who are excited to meet technologists, and I think that Marché du Film is that meeting place.

 I meet all kind of fascinating people here. There are people coming across the world, and different countries, different cultures, so this is a beautiful meeting place to see and learn perspective from their side.

Two of my favorite people I met last year from the jury, Benicio del Toro is one of my favorite actor, and accidentally I met him. That is something to remember, and of course this year I heard two times Oscar and Grammy award winner A.R. Rahman who I did a panel together with. And it was a very fascinating moment and of course we are showing some of his work here.

This is very memorable, but what I like here is that there’s a lot of people, and the staff of the Marché du Film is very friendly, and they are fun people to hang out with.


Ravi Velhal

Global Content Technology Strategist – INTEL


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