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Directed by: Marion Naccache

Produced by: Ailton Franco Junior (Franco Filmes & Producões, Brasil), Jérome Czapka executive producer (Pikel productions, France), Franck Leibovici, Marion Naccache (France)

Country of production: France, Brasil

Runtime: Between 70’ and 79'

Expected release: 2021

Budget: €95,000 (82,4% in place)

1st feature: 2nd feature

Looking for: A French co-producer, a distributor, an international sales agent and the festival’s premiere of the film


Dawn in Venice Beach, California. Every morning, the homeless people living by the beach wake up and need to tidy up the space where they spend the night. As the sun slowly rises, their voices express their views of the world. Every morning, like in a Sysiphean play, it looks like nothing changes. Every morning, little by little, the country and the neighborhood by the sea they call home, are changing in strange and scary ways.

Director’s profile: 

Marion Naccache lives and works between Paris and Rio de Janeiro. She studied contemporary poetry at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. In 2008, she starts composing video essays that have been shown in several contemporary art institutions (Miami Basel, Southard Reid Gallery, London; Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris) and poetry venues (Festival PAN!, Nioques, OEI, Labia Gentil). CONEY ISLAND, (last summer), 2010, lovestreams/agnès b., her first feature film, has been shown in international film festivals (Miami, Belfort, Rio). The film observes the last summer of the amusement park and starts a series of movies about urban beaches in which she develops a contemplative form of observation based on time, distance and repetition to look at the world at a different pace. VENICE BEACH, CA, her second feature film, continues that dispositive and takes it further.