Under Suspicion

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Under Suspicion

Original title: Bajo Sospecha

Directed by: Daniel Díaz

Produced by: Esteban Sandoval, Pejeperro Films (Chile)

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 80' cinema, 45' TV

Expected release: February, 2022

Production stage: Editing (Work in progress)

Budget: €200,00 (80% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Festivals (programmers), sales agents, distributors, buyers and co-producers.


In the year 1998, being arrested on suspicion my uncle Bernardo Oyarzún portrayed himself as a delinquent, evidencing the stigma against his indigenous appearance. Heir to the same skin, I scan the records of his artworks, finding my own reason to give expresion to the dispossession of our mapuche identity. Recovering the memory of my family, I found the mapuzugun, my ancestors’ abandoned language.

Director’s profile:

Daniel Díaz Oyarzún. Film and TV maker (University of Chile). Master in Scriptwritting (Finis Terrae University). Writer of comics and webseries. Five years ago he started studying Mapuzugun (Mapuche language) and discovered the importance of the cultural industry in revitalizing indigenous languages. With this objective in mind, he began writing his first documentary BAJO SOSPECHA in Mapuzugun. Likewise, for two years he has been developing an investigation on the documentary genre from a Mapuche historical point of view, giving workshops where Western documentary theories are debated. He is currently developing projects to rescue the Mapuche audiovisual heritage, and audiovisual production projects that expand the expressive possibilities of his people in contemporary times.

Producer’s profile:

Esteban Sandoval C.(1990). Santiago, Chile. Film and TV producer from Universidad de Chile. He has internalized his work as a producer from socio-cultural and exploratory motivations in film, media arts and new technologies, such as LA CONMEMORACIÓN (2020), PERRO BOMBA (2019), CUERPO DESCENTRADO (2019), LA DUDA (2017), KRUDO WEBSERIE (2015), BAJO SOSPECHA (2022), and ESCAFANDRA (2023). She was Ingrid Veniger’s production assistant on HE HATED PIGEONS (Punk Films 2015). She attended the Marché du Film thanks to PERRO BOMBA (2019). He is currently developing KAYE the second feature film by Juan Cáceres with Infractor Films; he is founding partner and executive director of Pejeperro Films, innovating from media art and contemporary cinematography.