The treasure of Barracuda

Animation Day

The treasure of Barracuda

Presented by: ACE Animation Special

Original title: El tesoro de Barracuda

Directed by: Adrià Garcia

Produced by: Valerie Delpierre


Country: España

Country of production: Spain

Runtime: 90 min

Completed in: End of 2023

Looking for: Financing, european co-producers


Trying to find her parents, the girl Chispas, disguised as a boy, ends up by mistake in a pirate ship! A ship full of fearsome pirates who have a problem: to find the treasure they crave, they must read a book. But the only one who can read on board is Sparks, so they make her stay with them until they find the treasure.

Target audience: Adult, children, teenagers

Project status: In concept, early development