Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Cyberpunk, Environmental, Family, Futuristic, Politics, Psychological, Role playing, Science-fiction

Format: Exhibition

Produced by: Evil Doghouse

Language: English

Team: Nadja Lipsyc (Experience Director, Producer), Rikke Jansen (Technical Artist / Vr Experimentalist), Kim-baumann Larsen (Vr Architect), Martin Kvale (Sound Designer/composer), Ingrid Nordby (Producer)

Runtime: 5 minutes

Projected production date: Autumn 2020

Budget in place: $35,000

Projected budget: $650,000

Country: NO

After the ecological collapse of Earth, two siblings find themselves on two different planets. All communication has been lost between the two worlds, but their bond allows them to defy the impossible and meet in their dreams. In the VR role-playing game “the space between us”, you embody one of two siblings, constantly growing apart, living separate lives in two different societies. Despite the difficulty of their respective circumstances and their alienation, they always find a way back to one another.


Play area: Room scale

Number of players: Co-op

Built with: Unreal, Unity, Gravity Sketch

Compatibility: Vive

Distribution: Various