The Passengers


The Passengers

Produced by: Couzin Films, Canada & Les Produits Frais, France

Directed by: Ziad Touma

Original title: Les Passagers

Lead artist: Ziad Touma

Runtime: 4 x 10min

Language: French, English

Completed in: 2021


The Passengers is the story of four strangers traveling together in a train. Discover the inner world of each of them: a woman questions her motherhood, a man must overcome his shyness, a lady is struggling with her memories and a kid feels guilty about his parents’ separation. Enter the thoughts of one character at a time, to hear their inner voice, see their memories and live their emotions. You can change the course of the story with your gaze, voice and gestures. Welcome aboard!

Director’s statement:

The Passengers combines different technologies to create an innovative interactive experience. The use of mocap to record the actors’ performances preserves the most humanity in their features, while being responsive to the user’s gaze and gestures in real time. The art direction of each of the four point of views features a distinct animation style to represent each character’s unique outlook. The Passengers’ flashbacks were shot in live action 360 stereoscopic images.

Origin: Québec, Canada, France

Devices: HTC Vive series/Oculus Rift series/Quest w/link

Platform: Alexandria