The Evil That Binds Us (WT)

Goes to Cannes

The Evil That Binds Us (WT)

Category: Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Nico Postiglione

Produced by: Dominga Ortuzar, Florencia Rodríguez, Juan Bernardo González, Arturo Pereyra | Whisky Content, Oro Films

Country of production: Chile, Mexico

Original title: Todos Los Males (WT)

Genre: Dramatic Thriller

Language: Spanish, German

Runtime: 110'

Completed in: 2024

In 1950s rural southern Chile, the peace of a German family fractures when a city-born relative arrives. The teenager’s bond with a farmhand’s daughter reveals hidden racism and a history of violence within the family, unleashing the boy’s wrath despite efforts to conceal the truth.