We are Zombies

Category: Buyers Showcase

Directed by: RKSS

Produced by: Laurent Baudens, Christian Larouche, Fabrice Giger, Pierre Spengler (Kinology)

Country of production: France, Canada

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Language: English

In a city infested with the “living-impaired” (non-cannibal zombies victims of a capitalist and corporate-driven society), three slackers after easy money must fight rednecks and an evil megacorporation to save their kidnapped grandma.



Category: Proof of Concept

Directed by: Óscar Martín

Produced by: Elena Muñoz (El Ojo Mecanico)

Country of production: Spain

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Language: Spanish

A rebel young woman struggles to survive in a cloistered monastery where novices mysteriously bleed to death.

Fantastic 7

Restore Point

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Robert Hloz

Produced by: Jan Kallista

Country of production: Czech Republic

Original title: Bod Obnovy

Genre: Science-fiction

Language: Czech

Tallinn Black Nights Festival

2041. All people have a constitutional right to experience one whole life. If someone dies an unnatural death, they are revived. All you need to do is to regularly create a restore point –a backup where your memory is saved to. Murder is nearly impossible. Trochinowska has to solve a murder-mystery.

Ukraine in Focus

Special Treat

Directed by: Antonio Lukich

Produced by: Volodymyr Yatsenko & Anna Yatsenko (FOREFILMS) | Co-producer: Jessie Fisk (FELINE FILMS)

Country of production: Ukraine, Ireland

Original title: Особливе Cтавлення

Language: Ukrainian, English

Runtime: 100'

Budget: 2 500 000 Eur

Completed in: 2025

On the way to her dream of becoming an actress, Sasha cannot be stopped by her mother, war and poverty. Will Sasha be stopped by the spear that accidentally stabbed her on a stupid shootings?

Cannes Docs

Silent Flood

Original title: Тиха Повінь

Directed by: Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk

Produced by: Karina Kostyna, Eugene Rachkovsky (TABOR, Ukraine)

Country of production: Ukraine

Runtime: 80'

Expected release: November, 2024

Production stage: Late development

Budget: €233.496 (12% in place)

1st feature: No

Looking for: Distributors, co-producers, gap financing, strategic guidance


Set by a beautiful river canyon in Western Ukraine, a pacifist community with unique religious beliefs, sees their peaceful way of life gradually distressed by regular floods and eventually an unexpected war.

Director’s profile:

Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk is a Ukrainian author and filmmaker, graduated from the Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Participant of the Berlinale Talents, Locarno Film Academy, he is the founder of the script platform Terrarium. He was first noticed with his short film «WEIGHLIFBTEuRd»g,eat 1E9F5A9c5o5neteunroder, winner of the Best Short Film Award in Angers and Grand Prix of the Warsaw IFIFn. pHlaisce fi1r7st00f0eaeturoe, «PAMFIR», was developed by TorinoFilmLab, Midpoint and Cannes’ Cinefondation and achieve a selection at Cannes Film Festival Directors’ Fortnight in 2022 as well as Nomination at European Film Award, European Discovery Prix Fipresci.

Producer’s profile:

Karina Kostyna is a Ukrainian film producer. Graduated from Institute of International Relationships, National University of Taras Shevtchenko. Master of international business. After 10 years in advertising, followed her heart and left for film. Karina has a number of successful, ambitious and award-winning film projects in her background, both doc and fiction. Alumni of the School of Young Producers by Mannheim Meeting Place 2021, Talents Nest at Meeting Point Vilnius 2021, EAVE Change workshop 2021-2022, EWA Mentoring program 2022. Executive producer of Pamfir, feature film, by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Directors’ Fortnight premiere.


Kidnapping Inc

Category: Buyers Showcase

Directed by: Bruno Mourral

Produced by: Promenades Films, Péripheria Productions Inc, BHM Films

Country of production: France, Canada

Genre: Dark Comedy

Language: Creole, French

Two hapless kidnappers, tasked with what seems like a simple job discover it’s anything but, and find themselves in the middle of a political conspiracy in Haiti.


The Portal

Category: Proof of Concept

Directed by: Chadi Abo

Produced by: Ruba El-Khesh Khair, Lilas Wahbe, May Odeh, Zorana Musikic, Chadi Abo

Country of production: France, Syria, Germany

Genre: Fantasy, Science-fiction

Language: Arabic, French, English

In a war zone, a little girl prays for salvation. A cosmic power comes to help her. From now on, Sana will resurrect dead children. 

Fantastic 7

The Portal

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Chadi Abo

Produced by: Ruba El-Khesh Khair, Lilas Wahbe, May Odeh, Zorana Musikic, Chadi Abo

Country of production: France - Syria

Original title: The Portal

Genre: Fantasy, Science-fiction, War

Language: Arabic - French - English

Cairo International Film Festival

In a war zone, a little girl prays for salvation. A cosmic power comes to help her. From now on, Sana will resurrect dead children.


Area Man Lives

Genre: Comedy

Produced by: Michael Perrotto, Numinous Games in association with Cyan Ventures and City Lights

Directed by: Amy Noel Green, Ryan Green

Original title: Area Man Lives

Lead artist: Amy Noel Green, Ryan Green

Runtime: 120-300 minutes of gameplay (Variable length)

Language: English

Completed in: 2022


AREA MAN LIVES. Or does he? A quirky radio drama unfolds around you in VR while you do your best to keep the radio station humming along as its new DJ. You speak out loud to produce commercials, interview callers and have conversations with your producer. Try your best to piece together how your actions inside the station impact your listening audience. And when things get super weird, don’t forget to save the Area Man.

Director’s statement:

AREA MAN LIVES is a hilariously absurd VR adventure that uses unique storytelling to reveal what we believe about our place in the world and surface questions of destiny, examining how those beliefs connect us to others or drive us apart. We believe that everyone wants to be seen and that when we choose to connect with others we discover all the profound ways that we matter.

Origin: US

Devices: Oculus Quest series

Platform: VeeR


U are the Universe

Category: Buyers Showcase

Directed by: Pavlo Ostrikov

Produced by: ForeFilms

Country of production: Ukraine

Genre: Sci-Fi Comedy

Language: Ukrainian, French

After the explosion of the Earth, the Ukrainian space trucker Andriy becomes the only human in the Universe until French woman Catherine calls him from the faraway space station. Andriy decides to see her despite all the obstacles.