Ukraine in Focus

Women’s Suicide Season

Directed by: Anastasiya Gruba

Produced by: Aleksandra Kostina & Oleg Nosov | Bosonfilm

Country of production: Ukraine

Original title: Сезон Жіночих Самогубств

Language: Ukrainian

Runtime: 95'

Budget: 710 000 Eur

Completed in: 2025

Simon (26) is a mummy’s boy who has finally decided to become independent and mature. He flees from his obsessive mother to a hermit life in a trailer. But his attempt to escape from one woman leads to an encounter with four others because such a phenomenon as women’s suicide season is coming.


The Passengers

Produced by: Couzin Films, Canada & Les Produits Frais, France

Directed by: Ziad Touma

Original title: Les Passagers

Lead artist: Ziad Touma

Runtime: 4 x 10min

Language: French, English

Completed in: 2021


The Passengers is the story of four strangers traveling together in a train. Discover the inner world of each of them: a woman questions her motherhood, a man must overcome his shyness, a lady is struggling with her memories and a kid feels guilty about his parents’ separation. Enter the thoughts of one character at a time, to hear their inner voice, see their memories and live their emotions. You can change the course of the story with your gaze, voice and gestures. Welcome aboard!

Director’s statement:

The Passengers combines different technologies to create an innovative interactive experience. The use of mocap to record the actors’ performances preserves the most humanity in their features, while being responsive to the user’s gaze and gestures in real time. The art direction of each of the four point of views features a distinct animation style to represent each character’s unique outlook. The Passengers’ flashbacks were shot in live action 360 stereoscopic images.

Origin: Québec, Canada, France

Devices: HTC Vive series/Oculus Rift series/Quest w/link

Platform: Alexandria

Ukraine in Focus


Directed by: Yelizaveta Smith

Produced by: Yelizaveta Smith (Tabor LTD) | Co-producer: Oleksandra Kostina (Boson film)

Country of production: Ukraine

Original title: Вакуум

Language: Ukrainian

Runtime: 90'

Budget: 810 000 Eur

Completed in: 2025

Archaeologist Marta (32) returns to her hometown to sell the apartment of her long-missing father and finds out that she belongs to a world she wanted so much to forget.

Cannes Docs

9-Month Contract

Original title: ცხრათვიანი კონტრაქტი

Directed by: Ketevan Vashagashvili

Produced by: Nino Chichua, Anna Khazaradze; 1991 Productions; Georgia

Country of production: Georgia, Bulgaria

Runtime: 80'

Expected release: November, 2024

Production stage: Production

Budget: €205.500 (49% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Sales agents, broadcasters, strategic guidance


When raising a kid as a homeless single mother becomes too hard for Jana, she decides to work as a surrogate mother for foreign couples in order to give her daughter, Elene, the life she’s never had. Surrogacy seems like a way to a brighter future: only 9 months of carrying someone’s baby in exchange for 14.000 USD, an unimaginable amount for her – she’s on board! But is it that simple and priceless?

Director’s profile:

Ketevan Vashagashvili is a documentary filmmaker based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is a Chevening alumni with an MA in Digital Documentary from the University of Sussex (UK). Her main interest lies in social and human rights issues. Ketevan has 12 years of experience working at Georgian TV channels and online platforms, directing and producing TV documentaries, series, and programs. Currently, she is developing her first independent feature-length documentary, 9-Month Contract about a surrogate mother Jana. Nine years ago Ketevan made a short documentary about the same character which created a significant impact in Georgia.

Producer’s profile:

1991 Productions is a Tbilisi, Georgia-based film production and service company. Its founders Nino Chichua and Anna Kazaradze develop, finance and produce thought-provoking fiction and documentary films through European co-productions. Company’s most recent work is director Levan Akin’s new feature film produced by French Quarter Film (Sweden) and co-produced by 1991 Productions among others. Company’s 2020 feature documentary Glory to the Queen (Georgia, Austria, Serbia) was funded by Eurimages and screened over 25 festivals globally, winning the Best Documentary award in Georgia in 2021. Currently, 1991 Productions is producing feature documentary 9-Month Contract (EAVE CHANGE) and developing feature film Tear Gas (funded by GNFC, CNC), feature documentary Berliner (Nipkow 2022), and miniseries Nino and Iliko (Midpoint 2022).



Genre: Documentary

Produced by: Davide Rapp, Orama

Directed by: Davide Rapp

Original title: Montegelato

Lead artist: Davide Rapp

Runtime: 28 minutes or 15 minutes

Language: No dialogue

Completed in: 2021


MONTEGELATO is a montage film in VR, the first of its kind. Hundreds of cinematic sequences define a three-dimensional collage of the Monte Gelato waterfalls (Rome, Italy) as they have been filmed in more than 180 productions including films, TV series and commercials. From peplum to western, from comedy to thriller, from science-fiction to erotica: sounds and videos expand in an immersive landscape that transports the Falls in time and space.

Director’s statement:

“I have never visited the Monte Gelato waterfalls and yet they have always been familiar to me: since I was a child I have noticed them in the background of dozens of films that have shaped me. For the last five years I have been obsessively accumulating old DVDs, very rare VHSs and brittle Super-8s, trying to compile the complete filmography of a place that cinema has transported to Ancient Greece, the Far West or Nazi-occupied France. Isolated from the films to which they belong, the different scenes are aligned in a layered landscape that through virtual reality expands the limits of the cinematic screen to pay homage to the richness and inventiveness of Italian Cinema”.

Origin: Italy

Plateform: Not Available

Ukraine in Focus

Ukraine is the capital of everything!

Directed by: Tonia Noyabrova

Produced by: Anastasiia Bukovska, Danylo Kapryukh (Family Production) | Co-producers: Mathieu Ripka (Mille et une productions) & Dmytro Danylov (Coffee Post)

Country of production: Ukraine, France

Original title: Ukraine is the capital of everything!

Language: Ukrainian, English

Runtime: 100'

Budget: 2 100 000 Eur

Completed in: 2024

65 years old Ukrainian playwright Grigory miraculously escapes from the occupied Kherson and became a refugee. He is horrified to discover that the whole Western world is keep living as if there is no war. So he challenges himself to write an outstanding play about war to stop the war.

Cannes Docs

Criminal Body

Original title: Cuerpo Criminal

Directed by: Martín Boulocq

Produced by: Andrea Camponovo (CQ Films, Bolivie)

Country of production: Bolivie, Argentine

Runtime: 70'

Expected release: January 2024

Production stage: Editing

Budget: $ 208.000 (70% in place)

1st feature: No

Looking for: Festivals, Sales Agentes, Gap Financing


In a sub-Andean forest, an American horror movie is being filmed. Miguel, a local bodybuilder, steps up to the challenge of playing the role of a monster. Marcos, an indigenous peasant, offers his bulls for use during the shoot. The experience of their first-time participation in a film is both strange and dangerous, as they navigate a world alien to them, rife with unfamiliar codes and expectations.

Director’s profile:

Martín Boulocq studied cinematography in Jorge Sanjinés’ Andean School of Cinematography. At 25 years of age he released his first film “The Most Beautiful of my Very Best Years”, participating in San Sebastian, Locarno, Montreal and won prizes in La Habana, Valdivia, Guadalajara and others. The film was acclaimed by Bolivian critics as one of the 12 fundamental films in the history of Bolivia. His second film “Los viejos” was premiered at Busan Film Festival and screened at Torino Film Festival and Gottemborg Film Festival. His latest film “The Visitor” (2022) won best screenplay at Tribeca Film Festival, won Best film at Antalya Film Festival and screened at Moscow Film Festival, Gottemborg Film Festival and many others. His films have been screened at theaters and museums all over Latin America, Europe and North America. He has co-produced with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and USA.

Producer’s profile:

Andrea Camponovo Gamio was born in Tarija, Bolivia. She began her career as a producer and actress in 2004. Since 2011, she has been a partner in the film production company CQ Films together with Martin Boulocq, where she has produced both short and feature films that have reached international audiences. In 2017, she produced the feature film Eugenia, an award-winner at the Guadalajara International Film Festival and currently available on Amazon Prime. In 2021 she produced Rodrigo Bellot’s Blood Red Ox. In 2022 she produced Martín Boulocq’s The Visitor, a co-production with Uruguay/Cimarron, premiered and awared at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. Her most recent project as a producer, CRIMINAL BODY, has won a W.I.P prize in Ventana Sur and has been selected for “Spotlighted projects” in Cannes Docs at Marché du Film – Cannes Film Festival 2023.


Serial Kitten

Category: Proof of Concept

Directed by: Cédric Hachard

Produced by: Rumble Fish Productions

Country of production: France, Belgium

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Language: French

As Ana’s life crumbles with the death of her father and a romantic breakup, her little cat Lucius inexplicably takes on human form and sets out to kill those who cause her mistress pain – helping Ana putting her life back on track.

Fantastic 7


Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Jaume Balagueró

Produced by: Pokeepsie Films

Country of production: Spain

Original title: Venus

Genre: Horror

Language: Spanish

Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

« Venus » is a supernatural horror story set in an urban survival environment with elements of modern witchery.




Genre: Comedy, Drama

Produced by: Amir Admoni, Fabito Rychter, Delirium XR

Directed by: Amir Admoni, Fabito Rychter

Original title: Lavrynthos

Lead artist: Amir Admoni, Fabito Rychter

Runtime: 20min

Language: English

Completed in: 2021


Lavrynthos places you at the heart of the labyrinth of Crete to tell you the story of the unlikely relationship between the Minotaur and his next meal: a girl named Cora. A contemporary Greek tragedy paying homage to the cradle of modern dramatic theory while challenging it at the same time. Lavrynthos is a humorous take on a 3000 years old myth updating it with themes and topics that are relevant in this day and age.

Director’s statement:

Every storyteller should pray everyday to saint Aristoteles. The creator of modern dramatic theory. The original Robert Mckee. There’s no question that Greece is the cradle of storytelling the way we know it and theater was their medium. By representing the oldest medium of storytelling on the most modern one, that is VR, we feel we are going the full circle. And what we like about it is that we aren’t just retelling an old story but updating it to our times by bringing modern themes and topics.

Origin: Brazil

Devices: HTC Vive series/Oculus Rift series/Quest

Platform: VeeR, Alexandria