Moving Bangladesh

Co-production Day

Moving Bangladesh

Original title: Moving Bangladesh

Directed by: Nuhash Humayun

Produced by: Bijon Imtiaz, Arifur Rahman (Goopy Bagha Productions) & Bich-Quan Tran (DISSIDENZ)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Bangladesh, France

Runtime: 110 min

Projected budget: 500 000€

Budget in place: 50%

Expected release: Q1 2023

Looking for: Financing, Co-producers, Sales Agents, Labs

Sick of being stuck in traffic- and in life, a struggling entrepreneur creates a motorbike-based ride -sharing app that may change travel in Bangladesh, forever…if he can overcome his family, relationships- and the government.

Written by: Nuhash Humayun


Goopy Bagha Productions Limited – Bangladesh | Goopy Bagha Productions Limited has produced internationally award-winning films including Bangladeshi Kingdom of Clay Subjects, Live from Dhaka, Afghan short film Roqaia (2019). Goopy Bagha produced film has been showcased at Venice, Rotterdam, Busan, Seattle, Singapore, Shanghai, Melbourne, Stockholm, and many other international film festivals. Their in-development Paradise was part of 2019’s Berlinale co-production market and ‘Solo’ is part of this year’s La Fabrique, Canne Film Festival.