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Original title: LUX SANTA

Directed by: Matteo RUSSO

Produced by: Orazio GUARINO ( Naffintusi, italy)

Country of production: Italy

Runtime: 75', 33'

Expected release: November, 2023

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: €110.000 (70 % in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Festival, Sales agent, Distgribution, Co-producer


Crotone, the young people of the Rione Fondo Gesù deal with the absence of their fathers. Forced to be husbands for their mothers, every year among the grey buildings, they gather to honor the millenary tradition of the Santa Lucia fire, trying to rediscover their lost adolescence.

Director’s profile:

Matteo Russo was born in Crotone on 10/15/1992. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, founding the collective “Hi, Toys videoproject” in 2011 with some of his collaborators approaching the world of teh cinema. In 2014 he made his first real experience in the world of cinema, working on the set of the film “Confusi e felici” by Massimiliano Bruno, playing the role of assistant director. The two real film projects are those made in 2015 or “Voglia di fragola” written by Emilio Maria Costa (awarded as best experimental short at TMFF) and “My beloved son” written, produced and directed by the same Matteo, a short film that has received several selections in national and international film festivals. His latest short film “Amare affondo” has just started distributing and has received 20th Official Selection and awards in a World Film Festival.

Producer’s profile:

Orazio Guarino, director, screenwriter and producer, was born in Sava (Ta) on 27 July 1981. he graduated at DAMS Cinema In Bologna with a thesis on the poetics of director JL Godard.In 2004, together with Marco Santoro, he founded Naffintusi Cinema with which he produced his first short films, presented in numerous festivals and receiving various awards. In addition to short films, with Naffintusi he produces his own films and decisions of videoclips and documentaries for major Italian artists.His feature film “Sp1ral” receives the Audience Award at the Terra di Siena Film Festival.He is currently engaged in the pre-production of his new film as director “”Let the flames burn”” and on several short films by young authors and authors including that of Antonio La Camera co-produced by Palme d’Or director Apichatpong Weerasethakul.