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Original title: La vita in mezzo

Directed by: Andrea Parena

Produced by: Andrea Parena, Francesca Frigo (BabyDoc Film, Italy), Francesca Duca (Images du Sud, Morocco), TV 2M Soread (Morocco)

Country of production: Italy, Morocco

Runtime: 57' & 70'

Expected release: September 2020

Budget: €120,000 (60% in place)

1st feature: 2nd feature

Looking for: Festival premiere, Broadcasters, Sales agents


After twenty years in Italy, Hassan has took his family back to Morocco. His firstborn Omar, instead, chose to stay where he has a child with his Italian girlfriend and where he is planning his future. But something goes wrong, since the girl refuses to convert to Islam, rejecting the “regular” marriage Hassan wants for his son. Reacting to his failure, Omar accepts an arranged marriage with a Moroccan girl.

Director’s profile: 

Born in Chieri in 1977.
Degree in Dramaturgy of Film – Faculty of the performing arts, University of Turin. Andrea worked on Italian TV productions as a camera operator and videomaker. He also worked as a videomaker for University of Turin, MIBACT, brands as Martini–Bacardi, OBI, Giunti-Bompiani Editore. In 2007 he founded the production company BabyDoc Film. He worked as a producer, cinematographer, screenwriter on more than 15 documentaries for cinema and TV, among which: Thyssenkrupp Blues, 65th Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti, Rata nece biti!, David di Donatello Award 2009, City veins, Joris Ivens Award at Cinéma du Réel 2011. He also produced the fiction feature Pietro, 63rd Locarno Film Festival, Concorso Internazionale. As a documentary director he made August Weddings, premiered at the 69th Venice Film Festival, Venice Days/Venice Nights.