Animation Day


Presented by: Animation! Ventana Sur

Original title: Kai

Directed by: Milton Guerrero Prado

Produced by: Rita Street & Marie Castañeda

Company: Red Animation Studios

Country: Perú

Country of production: Argentina

Runtime: 100 min

Completed in: October 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producer, Distribution


When Kai learns she is the daughter of the great shaman Illari, she decides to obtain magic for herself by finding the lost Temple of Asirus and pass a dangerous test. Unfortunately, Katari, the only other shaman in Kai’s world, wants to possess Kai’s potential power so that he can become an all-powerful Magical Creature. In order to defeat Katari, Kai learns that she must let go of her selfish dreams of power and glory and rely on her own grit, ingenuity, empathy and love.

Target audience: Family film

Project status: In Production