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Original title: Gwetto

Directed by: Michaël Andrianaly

Produced by: Michaël Andrianaly (IMASOA FILM, Madagascar)

Country of production: Madagascar

Runtime: 85'

Expected release: January, 2022

Production stage: Post-Production

Budget: €6,000 (25% in place)

Looking for: Festivals, sales agents / distributors, buyers, co-producers, gap financing and strategic guidance


Jelco, Justin, Rabetsy and Mamy are employed in a car wash, Ndaty is rickshaw driver. They came from different regions of Madagascar. These young people develop a solidarity of their daily work. Without an identity card, they are exploited by a boss who imposes his presence by a surveillance camera. The director takes another look at these young people and offers a polyphonic story in which the violence.

Director’s profile:

Michael Andrianaly was born on July 8, 1978 in Tamatave, Madagascar. He is a photographer, director and editor. He participated in writing residencies at the Alliance Française of Tamatave between 2012 and 2015, except in 2014 when he learned production. Michaël Andrianaly has directed 3 documentaries: TODISOA AND THE BLACK STONES (2013), NJAKA KELY (2016) and NOFINOFY (2019). In 2019, NOFINOFY received two awards from the Institut Français and the CNAP Prize. He was also awarded “Étoile de la SCAM 2019”. GWETTO, his work in progress was selected in March 2021 as part of ParisDOC’s WIP, the professional component of Cinéma du Réel.

Producer’s profile:

In 2014, Michaël Andrianaly trained as a producer in Toamasina with Doc Oi (light of the world), then founded Imasoa Film. In 2015, with Njaka kely, he produced his first film in co-production with Films de la pluie (France). Imasoa Film is in charge of the artistic and executive part of the project. In 2017, the same co-production continues on the project NOFINOFY. In March 2020, with little means, Michaël Andrianaly begins filming GWETTO. The film, carried only by Imasoa Film, is in production.