Positron Visionary Award


Genre: Drama, Narrative, Storytelling

Format: 6 DoF, Real time rendered

Produced by: Delirium XR (PE)

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Team: Fabio Rychter (Writer, Director, Producer)

Runtime: 15 minutes

Completed in: January 2020

GRAVITY VR is an interactive VR short with 15m duration. The story takes place in a surreal world with no ground, everything that exists is forever falling. And the player too. But even though all things are falling at full speed, the general feeling is peaceful. In this world without walls, horizon, up and down orientation, there is no vertigo or fear, The general feeling is that you are floating in zero gravity. At this place you meet our main characters: Osorio and Benedito, two old brothers living in a surprising normality. There ́s no adrenaline in their lives, just a lonely and slow routine. But things start changing when Osorio looks down and finds a far away and mysterious dot that grows every day.

Play area: Seated

Number of players: Single players

Built with: Unreal